Aini Fast Red Fish Food – 330 gm


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The Aini Fast Red fish food in 330gm pack has been specially formulated for all fresh water fishes. The food is a must for all those who have an aquarium of fresh water fishes. The food has been formulated specially to maintain the natural body shape of the fishes while facilitating in growth. The food is very beneficial to help all fishes to reach their sexual maturity.

If you do not give your fishes a good fish food then in due time the coat of your fishes can become lack luster, which will make all the fishes look dull. This can happen because of a variety of reasons if the water in the tank is contaminated, it can break down the immunity of the fishes which in turn can lead to dull skin and color. The 360gm pack of Aini Fast Red Fish Food is very beneficial to maintain the immunity of the fishes and maintain their bright color, especially the red color.
  • Appropriate for all fresh water fishes
  • Maintains natural shape while growing
  • Helps to obtain sexual maturity
  • Maintains bright colors of all fishes especially red


  • Weight – 330 gm
  • Form – Pellet
  • Suitable for – All Tropical fish

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