‘Comforting pets through our efforts’

“At NAP PETS, your pet is valued as our own pet                                                 

Buy Dog food and we understand the value of unconditional love that pets bestow upon us. Whatever situation your life is into, you can count on them as your lovable pal. Everything is just too small in comparison to the level of love pets have for their human. Nappet is a dedicated Pet Shoppe of your love for pets. This platform has made it possible for us to present a small contribution through our efforts to return unmatched and unconditional love shown by pets. Started in the year 2014, it is a one stop solution to all your pet needs. It began with our prime focus to develop premium quality products suitable for pets. Nappet has now become one of the most visited pet portals. We are not just an entrepreneur, we are pet lovers too. This is the sole reason that boosts our zeal and dedication to give best for your pets. Our philosophy We believe every pet deserves comfort and the best products available. Our mission is to provide all the pet essentials in a single platform offering multiple leading brand products, thereby comforting your pet’s life. We celebrate this ultimate feeling of love and care between humans and animals. All we want is Healthy pet and healthy you! We give our word Nappet products go through a strict process of expert vigilance that guarantees to leave no chance of compromising or taking risks with a pet’s safety and well-being.  We use best quality material while formulating our unique pet products at affordable prices. Our vast range of products covers nearly every section of your pet’s requirements. We follow every single measure that takes our products one step ahead towards quality with style, trend and reliability.

Why Nappet?

Here you can find A to Z articles must needed by pets and their owners with a bonus  of best deals on pet toys, collar and leashes, travel accessories like seat belts for dogs, muzzles, dog food, and apparels and so on. No matter how busy is your timetable you can shop best quality items for your pets in middle and get it delivered at your door- steps. Easy to navigate website is a result of deep study on decisive buying. is a free flow shopping experience. The strong opt on lead to better user practices. The friendly policies will always make you win in any situation. Let your dog be as stylish as you. Get your pet dressed to match your personality!

At Nappets you can get a huge selection of pet products for:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Birds
  • Other small animals
  • Aquatic animals

Some of the products offered by Nappets include:

  • Pet Food: It includes-
  • Pet biscuits and treats
  • Vitamin Supplements
  • Dental treats
  • Dry pet food
  • Canned pet food
  • Collars and leashes

Pet Toys: It includes:

  • Hanged toys
  • Soft chew toys
  • Rope toys

Pet Grooming products: It includes:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Scabovate Anti Tick-Flea Dog Soap
  • Tikfite Anti Tick-Lice Dog and Cat Powder


  • Soft and shiny skin
  • Ensures palatability
  • Prevents from flea and tick
  • Growth and development
  • Digestive health
  • Improves immunity
  • Satisfy the nutritional needs
  • Maintains dental health
  • Ensures satisfaction
  • Shop for Nappets pet product online and avoid the hectic traffic while driving to the pet store. Nappets discover the new products that are totally safe for your pets. Buy the best Nappets products and receive them at your home, office or any other convinces.