Marinium PH Minus – 265 ml


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The Marinium pH Minus in 265ml is the perfect solution to reduce the alkanity and ensure a healthy marine aquarium by decreasing the pH level in the marine aquarium. If this is not given on a regular basis, it can be fatal to all your marine fish as well as the ornamental life form in these aquariums.
The pH Minus will help to maintain the appropriate level of pH in your aquarium, ensuring a healthy life for your pets. This will ensure that all the corals in your aquarium have a healthy growth. This is an excellent product and a must have if you have a marine aquarium. The Marinium supplement eliminates the contamination such a the harmful gases that are produced by the waste that is present in the tank such as excreta of fish and the leftover decaying food.
Balanced nutrient for marine water aquarium
Helpful to maintain the vibrancy of corals
Beneficial for all aquarium inhabitants
Needs to be added on regular basis

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