Wahl Blade Oil – 115 ml


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Having a pet at home is a delight and you certainly have a good time in company of your pets. If you happen to have a dog as your pet then you might know that there are certain dog breeds that need hair clipping regularly. Wahl blade oil is one of the helpful products that can help the dog clippers stay clean and healthy. This comes with a nozzle that is easy and convenient. Besides, it is a hygienic for the clippers.

Wahl blade oil can be used to resist virus, bacteria and fungicide. If you want a long life for your clipper blades then this product is your best bet. This blade oil by Wahl helps in proper and smooth functioning of the clippers and hence gives a good experience to the pet. This can be applied in a very easy and convenient manner and you can buy it from the internet. This oil spray for the blade is a good product for the dog clippers as it gives them long life and better functionality.


Reduces friction and heat caused by the clipper blade
Provide lubrication to the blade
Reduces the chances of fading the blade, increase durability of blade
Reduces need of cleaning
easy to apply

Quantity-115 ml

Use- clipper oil/ Blade oil

Instructions- Place 2- 3 drop of oil between blades after every few hair cuts

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