Royal Canin Sterilised 7+ Cat Food – 1.5Kg


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The Royal Canin Sterilised 7+ Cat food as the name suggests has been specially formulated for all your sterilized cats. This is specially formulated food for all those cats that have become gluttons post sterilization. This dry cat food is a complete feed for your cats and also helps to curb the appetite. This special formulation helps to maintain and control the weight of all your 7+ cats.

The food has been specially formulated keeping in mind the requirements of the sterilized cats as the energy requirements of the cat decrease post sterilization and they need to curb their appetite to maintain their ideal weight. The Sterlised 7+ contains a 12% fat level along with some special fibers that will not only help to satisfy the hunger pangs of the cat but will reduce their appetite with continuous use. In addition to this it has an adequate phosphorous content that helps to maintain the renal health of the pet.


  • Specially formulated for all adult sterilized cats
  • Helps to curb hunger
  • Reduced fat content helps to maintain the weight
  • Maintains the renal health of your pet

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