Venkys Vencal Tab Plus Calcium Supplement 30 Tab


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30 Tablets
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The calcium supplement gives the essential building blocks for strong, healthy bones and teeth. In general, the dog food doesn’t contain the calcium so this is the calcium supplement product becomes very necessary for your dog. You can easily give this supplement to your dog’s daily food or to the home prepared food which doesn’t have calcium. The daily intake of this supplements helps for making the strong bone, teeth of your dog & keeps away from weakness. To complete the dog’s daily food you should give this calcium supplement.


  • The calcium supplement provides essential building blocks for strong, healthy bones and teeth.
  • Can easily be added to the dog food.
  • Can be used in daily intake for the stronger bone, teeth of your dog and away from weakness.
  • Can be added to the home prepared food.


  •  Small breed: I tab/day
  • Medium breed: 2 tad/day
  • Large &Giant breed: 3 to 5 tabs/day

Storage:  Store in cool dry place.

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