Venkys Ventripro 200gm


A feed supplement for pets.

Breed – Suitable for all breeds
Life Stage –  For all pups above 15 days of birth up to 3 months of age
Directions on how to use –  Mix with Luke warm water to make into a semi-solid paste.

Key Benefits:

  • Weaning food.
  • Growth Enhancer.
  • Protein Supplement.
  • Food for the sick puppies.


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Venky’s Ventri Pro may be a mother milk replacement for young commutation puppies. It also can be used as a feed supplement for sick puppies because it hurries up the recovery method. Ventri Pro is made in supermolecule and maybe a sensible growth supplement for your puppies.

Ventri pro from venkys is a milk replacer or specialized cerelac for puppies. It can be used as an early or weaning food as well as food of food for sick convalescent pets.

It enhances growth in puppies as well as immunity in adults.

Can be used as a milk replacer for infant pets. Can work as a protein supplement for puppies as well. A complete and balanced feed for puppies.High digestibility and palatability, almost like a superfood for pets. For those who feed home-food only to their pets, this can serve as a topping for enhanced nutrition.

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