Wahl Blade Ice Coolant Lubricant Cleaner


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Wahl blade Ice coolant lubricant cleaner is a much effective and useful product.

Having a pet has many benefits and it also has many responsibilities attached to it. You have to be very particular when you are choosing the products for your pets such as dogs for instance. Certain breeds of dogs need hair clipping from time to time and in that case, you will need a dog clipper in your dog grooming kit. When you buy a dog clipper then do not forget to get a blade cleaner as well. Wahl blade ice coolant lubricant cleaner extends instant cooling and cleaning for the dog clipper blades.
Clean blades are healthy and one of the best options that you can get is Wahl blade ice coolant lubricant cleaner. This product is quick in cleaning and displays quite effective results. All you need to do is spray some on the blades while you are clipping the hair and the result will be instant. This product is available on the internet as well, which makes it even more convenient to get and use. Wahl blade ice coolant lubricant cleaner is one great product that can benefit your pet.
Blade Ice could be a fast and effective lubricating substance that has instant cooling, lubrication, and cleanup for your clipper blades
Simply spray Blade Ice through the clipper blades often, throughout the time you’re clipping
Dries fast
Safe over clipper plastic

Weight- 397 gm

Use- cooling spray for clipper blade

Instruction- simply spray over the clipper blade

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