Wahl Super Groom Professional Dog Clipper


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The Wahl Super Groom Professional Dog Clipper makes you a professional in grooming your dog. The German made chrome-plated precision blade set makes grooming an enjoyable process for you and your dog. Integrated cutting length adjustments make removal of the extra hair of any length easy. The specially designed coating makes the surface wear-resistant. This increases its service life. The slide-on attachment combs make your work easy. The ergonomic design ensures cutting from different angles. It helps in trimming hair from delicate regions like paws, face, ears, private partsetc. where other Clippers are ineffective.

The DC motor has been safely designed so that you can work with it while charging the battery. The motor operates quietly without scaring your pet. The cordless Clipper can be taken anywhere. Cleaning is made easy with the oil and cleaning brush that comes along with it. The energy-efficient transformer enables you to use the Clipper for a long time. You can use it on any kind of fur. It works fine on even the toughest of the joints. It gives a superb finish making your dog look fresh with a new haircut. This Clipper is a must if you want a one-stop solution for your dog’s grooming problems.
Powerful quiet clipper.
Rechargeable and cordless operation
Blade set are easy to clean
Chrome plated professional blade
Hundred minutes of battery
LED display for charge and control
Model- Wahl Super Trim Professional Cordless Dog Trimmer
Type- Cordless
Brand- Wahl

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